Introduction to IPO

Initial public offerings (IPOs) allow companies to issue stock to the general public. IPOs have an initial set price (before trading commences on the secondary market) and provide the first opportunity for the general public to invest in the company.

At xCube, we are not underwriters working directly with the issuing company. However, we do provide our clients with the opportunity to easily request subscriptions to upcoming IPOs.

How to Register Your Request?

New Clients

Download the App
Open an Account
Fund your Account
Select IPO
Add Amount
Confirm & Done

Existing Clients

Select IPO
Add Amount
Confirm & Done

How Allocation

No Guarantees
xCube cannot guarantee that each client will receive the number of shares requested.
At allocation, you may receive the full number of shares requested, a partial amount, or none at all.

Start Trading Instantly
If partial shares are received, the exact number of shares will be reflected directly in the portfolio section and any remaining funds will be refunded to your account.